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Our Story so far..

In late 2015 with an old Limousine in the driveway, no job and a good idea we started Albany Limousines and Charters. Along the way we found support from the government run NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) Program which gives selected small businesses a leg up to get started in the form of business training, mentoring support and a small monetary incentive to help stay afloat during the start up process.


We also happened to have a couple of sheds full of old cars, so with this great idea we had and the knowledge we received from our training we decided we would fix them up slowly and add them to the business offering. It was a great way to restore some of our collection and also to offer something different to our customers, classic and vintage vehicles for hire.


We don't have the newest or biggest Limousine in town, but we do offer an amazing service at amazing prices, you will not be disappointed. We are the only business in town however who can offer you a complete in house package with multiple vehicles for a wedding or party, limousine for the bridal party and buses for guest transfers, which are ever so popular in the Great Southern as some venues are a long way from town.

We are a family owned and run business, hiring local people as drivers who we have trained and put through the relevant licencing requirements to ensure you as the customer get the experience we expect to give you every time.


Nobody is more important to us than you, you have given us the opportunity to follow our dream and offer you this service. I would like to thank everybody who has ridden with us in the past, everybody who has returned to ride with us again, and everybody who is thinking of riding with us in the future. Likes on our facebook and instagram pictures don't go unnoticed either! Thank you!

We strive to give back to the community wherever we can, supporting many charities and fundraisers so far. If you are organising a charity event please contact us as we will be more than willing to help out!

The future is looking fun for us, we keep expanding our fleet to keep offering you something different, stuff always comes up for sale on Gumtree too, so who knows what we'll pick up along the way!!

Party on!


© 2017 Albany Limousines and Charters

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